Karma Patrol and the Magical Day

In my writing group, I am the undisputed queen of selfies. I don’t have any particular skill at photography, but I love to document my experiences through pictures. When I received my ARCs (advance reading copies) of Karma Patrol, it was clear to me that I needed to take a metric ton of pictures with them. But where?

April 2016 677

I grabbed my iPhone, my ARCs, and my sorority sister, and headed for my home away from home.

April 2016 392

As far as I can tell, Disney World and Manhattan have exactly two things in common. One: fantastic restaurants.

April 2016 494

Two: You can walk around using a book as a prop in pictures and no one will say anything to you about it.

April 2016 257

Not a word.

April 2016 397

Not even when they’re dying to ask.

April 2016 360
Unlike random strangers on the subway, though, when you tell Disney cast members about your novel, they’re incredibly supportive.

April 2016 460

It turns out Disney Princesses love to read books about soulmates and true love!

princesses KP
A couple of the boys got in on the action. Kylo Ren was sort of emo about the whole thing, but he’s emo about everything, so no surprises there. Beast loves fairytales!

kylo and beast
I read the happy parts to the lion and the sad parts to the gargoyle. They laughed AND they cried!

KP statues
Jawas apparently aren’t big readers.

KP jawa
But Stormtroopers, like Stitch, are always up for a good read.

storm stitch kp
At the end of an awesome Disney weekend, there’s nothing like settling down in Gaston’s Tavern with your favorite book!


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